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"Data Mortis" allows you to delete and store digital data to be passed on to loved ones at the end of your lifetime. This gives back ownership of data, and ensures our lives are responsibly archived beyond the capabilities of social media.

The device allows a user to store there personal documents and files onto a online storage cloud over their lifetime. The user can filter out and curate how they will be remembered after they pass away. He/She can use Data Mortis's password manager to ensure the service can erase their online platforms and services when they die. Upon the moment of death, a copy of the death certificate is submitted to the cloud space; all information is deleted and copied on to a number of offline storage devices which are sent to nominated relatives and loved ones. One device is sent to inheritor, where they can plug it into a USB input on their computer and reflect on the deceased's live in their own time. The software on the device allows the possibility to view chronologically, geographically or through events, with details of each file supplied to give a fuller understanding of the deceased and the life they lived.

The aim is to restore ownership over our data in this grey area of our digital identity, by providing a simple and reliable service to help during this sensitive moment of a relatives life. This is a newly occurring issue in the digital era, and current ways of archiving our lives are not made with the end of our lives in mind. There is a few small business that offer to trace back digital files and make sure everything is handled correctly but this happens at a moment of grieving. The moment when we would rather not want to handle another task. By providing simpler system for this it brings a lot more comfort to those that are grieving.

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